REDACTED (Bri Hermanson)


Born 100 years to the day after the birth of illustrator Rockwell Kent, Bri Hermanson grew up in Ponca City, Oklahoma, where her scratchboard craft began. She received her MFA in Illustration from FIT in New York City. Her clients include Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Tor Books, and SKYY Vodka. She is currently serving as the Communications Chair for ICON, the national illustration conference. Her website:
Inspiration: The atom itself is a living poem of vibration and interconnected orbits. The atom was a natural starting point to explore this administration’s attempt to censor science. The breaking and spare stacking of letters in the subatomic particles, echoing the unadorned typography of the Periodic Table, suggest how these seven banned words are elemental to our humanity. Trump’s goal of erasure will disrupt a fundamental balance. There is too much at stake.

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