The Magnificent Seven: Seven Decades of New York Times Headlines [Katherine Abrams]

Vulnerable Potentate (1972)
Vulnerable Places (2008)
Vulnerable Buildings (2002)
Vulnerable Citizens (2002)
Vulnerable Software (2003)
The Vulnerable Become More Vulnerable (2005)

What Entitlement Is (1981)
Entitlement Bungling (1994)
The Curse of Entitlement (2007)
Bankers’ Sense of Entitlement (2010)
Entitlement Reform for the Entitled (2012)
Jared Kushner’s Entitlement is New Jersey Born and Bred (2017)

Diversity (1947)
Diversity (1955)
Diversity Training (1999)
Diversity is Not in Your Head (2017)
Tech’s Troubling New Trend: Diversity Is in Your Head (2017)

Milestones in the American Transgender Movement (2015)
Rights Unit Finds Bias Against Transgender Student (2013)
Transgender at the CIA (2015)
Judges Lifts Transgender Restrictions in Military (2017)
How Should High Schools Define Sexes for Transgender Athletes? (2017)
Twitter Has a Transgender Problem (2017)

What’s the Value of a Fetus? (2003)
To Protect a Fetus from Violence (2001)
Rights of the Fetus (1972)
The Woman Behind the Fetus (1989)
Risking Safety of Fetus (2000)

Evidence-Based Medicine (2001)
What We Mean When We Say Evidence-Based Medicine (2017)
Alcoholics Anonymous and the Challenge of Evidence-Based Medicine (2015)
Liability and Standards in Evidence-Based Medicine (2010)

Jerusalem Planning to Develop Park for Science-Based Industry (1968)
In Science-Based Medicine, Where Does Luck Fit In? (2006)


Katherine Abrams is a poet, educator, mother, and feminist who desperately wishes to open the eyes of those who just don’t see what’s happening.

Inspiration: This poem is inspired by the unnerving events since the swearing in of the Trump administration, and the way the news media has been belittled and devalued by that administration. The use of New York Times headlines reframes important the work journalists do while reflecting on the terms being censored at the CDC as public terms, used in public forums, to describe public events and increase public understanding.



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