Nothing gets me high anymore [Catherine Pond]

Listen, if you like big things, you’ll love these fires. They’re bigger than ever,
bigger than that button on your desk. In California we sit around free-basing

facts, reading science-based reports about the dawn of the Anthropocene era,
but don’t let that worry you. In fact, you should come to California sometime:

you’d love our transgender moon, glowing and spinning like every other
celestial being. And the diversity of our golden sunsets, spread out

like a stock portfolio across the sky — you’d be all over it. I should warn you:
abortion is legal here and we’re not scared off by photos of dead fetuses.

On the upside, your face will fit right in. We’ve got just as much entitlement
as the East Coast, and although sometimes the Hollywood liberal elite

use big words, I can coach you before your arrival. For instance, propaganda
is an old-fashioned term meaning ‘alternative facts’ as in, statements

that are not evidence-based and/or which contradict the evidence, such as
‘I never raped my own wife’ or ‘I’m a great President, the greatest of all time.’

Seriously, I don’t see any reason why we can’t all get along. I’m sure you could
teach me a few things. And in return I’ll teach you some poetry,

including all the best lines by the best poets. Like Shakespeare, who wrote:
Thou doth protest too much. Or ee cummings, who noted:

Nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands.


Catherine Pond’s writing has appeared in Boston Review, Narrative, Rattle, and many more. She is a PhD candidate in Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Southern California.

Inspiration: I wrote this poem in response to Trump’s tweet in which he brags that his nuclear button is bigger than Kim Jong Un’s. But it’s also about my frustration and disgust in general with the current administration.


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