The Expectant Mother [Alexander Cavaluzzo]

The transgender fetus wades in amniotic fluid
      Like a cube of ham suspended in aspic
      Vulnerable to a guest’s sterling silver fork

The OB/GYN detected a penis
      Under the gelid gel of a wand,
      But, the Expectant Mother knows better

A sense of entitlement washes over her
      For the evidence-based assumption that her
      Fetus must be transgender

The evidence-based assumption includes:
Her cravings for kale
      And yogurt
      And salmon
      And, when the transgender fetus has a cheat day,
      Non-Dairy Häagen-Dazs®

How marvelous, the Expectant Mother thinks, to
      Introduce diversity
      Into her cisgender brood

At the OB/GYN, the Expectant Mother sees her Linea Nigra is pink
      Linea Rosea, rather
      Like a grosgrain ribbon hugging a gift

This is science-based confirmation
      To prove her conviction she’s
Carrying a transgender fetus
Think, a transgender fetus:
      Absolution for voting for


Alexander Cavaluzzo is a writer, artist, and propagandist based in the East Village. 

Inspiration: Absorbing the 7 words, I gravitated towards the ones with the most humanity: “transgender” and “fetus”, so naturally the idea of a transgender fetus sprung out to me for its oddity and charm. But how can a fetus be transgender? Intersexuality might be detected in the womb, but not gender identity. So then it must be a projection…but who would project that? That’s when the Expectant Mother revealed herself to be the main character of the piece, and the desire for a transgender fetus based on stereotypical suppositions became apparent. White liberalism is at the core of the poem—naive attitudes towards marginalized groups that do more harm than good; reliance on and reinforcement of damaging stereotypes; the idea that one in power can use someone marginalized to absolve themselves from sin. The poem, in the end, is very much a reaction to the majority of white women who voted for Trump.

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