Nineteen Eighty-Four Redux [Guillermo Filice Castro]

Poor Winston Smith,

fetus-like, words fed to him

via pneumatic tube. Through it

the Party speaks.

Diversity of facts negated.

Twisted. We must remain

firm in our entitlement

to un-feel the vulnerable,

un-person the transgender,

The Binary Party believes.


Science-based?—DELETE ALL.

Telescreens light up again,

an orange explosion

of never-ending tweets.

The glass warps but will not break.


Guillermo Filice Castro is a poet and photographer. He’s the author of a chapbook, Agua, Fuego (Finishing Line Press) and a recipient of an E-S-B fellowship from the Poetry Project. An immigrant from Argentina, he lives in New York City.

Inspiration: Put simply, this administration’s attempts at controlling language (among other things) are nothing short of Orwellian.

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