Ghazal for Cinetherapy [Jennifer Litt]

When the election left me vulnerable & in a state of lord have mercy,
I watched Carol & Moonlight for some over-the-rainbow sexual diversity,

& what felonious politicians & Putin stole from us females & Hillary,
I retrieved in The Danish Girl via severed penis, such surgical diversity,

such evidence-based bravery when a gentle man risks his life for the lady
inside, the transgender fetus. Room & Spotlight exposed sexual-abuse diversity.

I insist on control over my privates & my private life. I’m guzzling Pinot Gris,
ignoring science-based studies about pickling my liver, but alcoholic diversity

is one of my social circle’s specialties. We suffer our depression, slurp martinis
or microbrews & watch movies in the dark. Entitlement, Jen? No, call it diversity.


Jennifer Litt is the author of the chapbook, Maximum Speed through Zero, published in 2016 by Blue Lyra Press in its Delphi Series, Volume 2, and her poems have appeared in several journals and magazines, including Gulf StreamLuminaMixed FruitNaugatuck River ReviewnycBigCityLit and Stone Canoe.

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