Two Poems [Debra Kang Dean]

You Don’t Say


On seeing the light
Of day, a fetus might cry:
If you will, feed us.


All my life I have
Wanted     transgendered     to be
Just one     engendered.


A cyanotype,
A diversity of hues—
Let’s dye. Versify.


Irony: How rich
that entitlement.  Shush
Money. In toto. Mint.


Hot Dam—don’t you love
A volcano, able bothered. Who’s
Not vulnerable?


Evidently base-
Less hearsay. O, say, see it?
Evidence, (broad) based.


Knowledge undone is
Wisdom: To apply science, based
In this, this, and that.


Whole Cloth: A Trans(en)gendering

Evidence-based science

Vulgar babble,
Entitlement’s Tower Babel’s
Hell, no(t) diversity.

                    Feat us,
Says Clotho; a name abased is


Debra Kang Dean teaches in Spalding University’s low-residency MFA in Writing Program and is the author of three full-length collections of poetry, including Totem: America (Tiger Bark Press, forthcoming in 2018).

Inspiration: Seeing the distorted use of the phrase “community standards and wishes” was a kind of déjà vu that goaded me to take up the challenge. I like it when an invitation to work in a received form—I chose the haiku sequence and the rondelet—affords an opportunity to enact civil disobedience.

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